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Robin Illian, CPM
Home birth community midwife, placenta encapsulation and new midwife support.


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Robin Illian, CPM

My Background

I have been a midwife and a midwifery educator, since 2005. I love birth, making relationships with clients and students, teaching and researching midwifery topics. I have attended births on the east coast, west coast and in between.

I have been lucky to be faculty at Birthwise Midwifery School for the past 15 years. Over that time I have taught; Normal Labor and Birth, Complications of Labor and Birth, Normal Prenatal, Prenatal Complications, Postpartum, Placental Encapsulation, Fertility Awareness, Childbirth Education Methods, and others. I love to delve into all topics midwifery and love supporting new midwives.

I remember being a new midwife and being so grateful for my experienced midwifery partners, but still feeling a need for some non-judgmental support from outside of the practice. It would have been great to be able to ask questions that I feared were stupid. I think we all could use a little love and empowerment from a mama bird. But not for too long-- I will kick you out of the nest so you can fly!

For more info on my background as it relates to placental encapsulation, please visit that page, and for my background as a practicing midwife, see my bio here.



Portland, ME, USA


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