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Herbal Medicine

Placental Encapsulation Services

Support for New Parents

I processed my first placenta in 2003 following the birth of my niece. I was amazed and moved by the experience—to be making medicine out of such a special organ. My sister felt that the capsules balanced and supported her throughout her postpartum time. From there, I was hooked.  

I process placentas in the Traditional Chinese Method. This two-day process includes; draining the placenta of blood and removing membranes, steaming at a low temp with slices of fresh lemon, ginger, and peppers in the water. Once steamed, the placenta is thinly sliced, dehydrated and ground for encapsulation. I use dedicated equipment and processing space with the upmost sterility and cleanliness as my first priority. I have completed OSHA training as well as midwifery-related training in the handling of blood products and sterile/medical technique.

Sliding scale $300 - $350

Please email me with your due date and where you plan to birth, and I will send you my informational materials and contract.

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